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Hako-Oja Studio & Custom Framing
"Providing Wonderful Memories and Cherished Gifts Since 1990"

Hako-Oja Studio & Custom Framing
"Providing Wonderful Memories
and Cherished Gifts Since 1990"

​​​"Hi Christine.​

"My Father-in-Law loves the picture. He texted us again this morning how he loves looking at it and can remember when everyone of those hooks were used. It really turned out great. Your framing looks great in his den. 

And of course Paula loves hers as well.

"I really piled up the browny points! :) 

"Hope you had a nice Christmas!"

Dennis H., West Kelowna, BC
"Christine: It is simply amazing. It looks so much like the photograph it's unbelievable! Tom was absolutely stunned by how you have captured Grady's personality . The framing is lovely--I know we could not have chosen anything nicer. We are both so very very pleased.

"I will take your brochures to the office tomorrow, and Saturday (Tom's birthday) we are going to hang your masterpiece. It will be in a very special place, one that will show it off and yet one that we will enjoy.

"It must be wonderful to have such a tremendous talent and be able to spend your life doing something that provides so much pleasure for other people. It is a God given gift. We can only be thankful that you share it with others and that we were lucky enough to have crossed your path. I wish you many many years of success and pleasure with it.

"Thank you so much. I have enjoyed our communications very much and would like to continue to follow your future successes. Please do keep in touch and in this small world, if you are ever down this way please give us a call and come visit your creation."

Susan N., Raleigh, North Carolina​​
​​"I just received your drawing of Pepper as a gift and was absolutely amazed at how well you captured him. He is actually afraid of it. It was also nice to see it on your website. I've been busy giving your website address to everyone I know." ​​

Heather P., Grande Prairie, Alberta 
​​"Christine, what a great job you did on the painting. And the framing is perfect. I already have two others interested in having one done (without my dog), and I'll be showing it to all the other Golf Course Superintendents in my area. You have quite a talent. Thanks so much."

Bill F., Yorktown, Ontario
"Hi Christine. Thanks for doing such a great job on the painting. I gave it to Jack for Christmas, and it is now hanging in his personal office in West Palm Beach."​

Chet W., Nicklaus Design Services, West, Texas 
"Hi Christine We picked up the painting and it looks fantastic. We are very pleased with it. We hung it in a prominent spot at our head office." 

Joyce, Master's Turf Supply, Simcoe, Ontario 

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"Hi Christine. Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the picture. You did such a fantastic job. My in-laws who have the membership at Edmonton Country Club, were really impressed with your work. They will pass your name on to the powers that be." 

Elana D., Edmonton, Alberta
"Wow! This is incredible."

Randy M., St. Thomas Golf & CC, St. Thomas, ON