The Accident - Tuesday, April 12th, 2016
I left my shop shortly after 1 pm for my weekly commute back home to Edmonton. I didn't quite make it to Irma, when a distracted driver suddenly crossed the centre line and hit me head-on.  Mina and I survived the crash. The other driver didn't.
A brush fire quickly started under the JEEP and, thanks to my three angels with fire extinguishers, it was put out before the Irma Fire and Rescue arrived. Then it took them 52 minutes to cut me out after one of their 'Jaws of Life' malfunctioned.
Just as they got me out of the Jeep, STARS arrived to fly me to the Royal Alexander Hospital in Edmonton. I am so very grateful to everyone at STARS and to those who support them.
My injuries were a shattered femur in my left leg, and four broken bones in my right foot. I spent 2 weeks in the Royal Alex, followed by five weeks at the Glenrose Rehab Hospital.